Episode 22: This time, it’s the Drop BUNNIES!


This week we talk about more Wildstar F2P awesomeness, SWTOR’s KOTFE awesomeness, and other acronyms and their awesomeness. Welcome to CCR, where we talk about MMOs and where we watch Queuetimes while experiencing queue times…

MMO News


Wildstar Free-to-Play Extravaganza!!!! 

New Servers opened, will be merged back in (Again, we are prescient)

Rumors of a Console Version? If so, again with the prescience. Oh, and take a drink.

SWTOR News: Big Changes to Little Mechanics



Nexu mouse droid video

A Look at TESO’s Siege System

ARK Expands to two new Biomes


MMO Community


The irony of watching Queue Times while spending time in queue… not lost. (DREW’S NOTE: Not irony, coincidence…it would be irony if you didn’t have queue times while you watched Queuetimes)

The Wildstar Roleplay Pizza Delivery

Great summary of KotFE mechanics change



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This week’s end music is The Mandalorian Blockade from Star Wars: The Old Republic