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4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Good so far. Only done a episode or so.
    But I have one request that I would love if you did.
    Boost you audio output. You can raise the end volume of your podcast. Please do. I listen at work in one ear , which is my bad ear, and a lot of times your audio is really low.
    Others can simply turn their volume down but I can only turn my volume up so high.
    Other than that it’s a good addition to my sub list.

  2. I just found out about an android app that lets me stream and dl podcast. picked you guys up, and am on ep 6 now.

    I drive a truck 3rd shift so these shows help a ton.

    I just have 2 things atm.
    One is I wear headphones while driving and when joe starts talking under his breath I just cannot hear him. Tell him to Sound Off Soldier! 🙂 I like hearing both opinions you two give so would like to hear him better.

    2nd is for Drew, I heard you say something about TSW locking up your comp. I had that exclusively with TSW. Would put my sound in a locked up loop and I had to hard boot it. I quit playing it because it was unplayable. It started happening to other games later. I did all I could. even put in my old 9600 card. Same thing. Once I got a power supply, I have not got that problem again. Apperantly my PS was going out slowly and TSW is a power drainer so it started being goofy first. Hope this helps ifd you are still having problems.
    To both, keep up the good work. Love MMOs. Also I started playing swotor again because of listening to you two. Made a trooper on harbringer. Now hearing shadowland or something. Guess I’ll make one there 🙂

    1. Thanks for the info, I will have to try that! That is the last thing I would think is the problem, so good to know that it might have an effect. Glad you are enjoying it, I will make sure that the volume is a little higher.

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