Episode 7: The Name’s Radio, Casual Core Radio

Elite: Dangerous ship (from CinemaBlend.com)
Elite: Dangerous ship (from CinemaBlend.com)


This week we talk about PAX, pack-animals, power, and PvP. Welcome to Casual Core Radio, where and we don’t troll in chat, we soliloquize.

MMO News


Crowfall: Million-Mark:

More Eve Thieving: 13k

SWTOR Speed Run, Community Version


PAX East AWards on MMORPG.com

FF XIV: Heavensward delayed til June

Trove: Minecrafty MMO, but entirely PvE

Elite: Dangerous for XBONE announced

Hearthstone – Blackrock Mountain announced


MMO Community

XamXam Says PvP Guide for Nursenaries and Healmandos


If I Were a Dev

How would you name/design health and resources?

DREW: Power to power your gadgets (charge abilities, focus items, etc.) – same across the board. DCUO combo of weapons and powers with change-up abilities separate from skills. Passive increase based on progression. Minimal gear differential between gear at max level – better skills cost more power, determined more by level than gear (10-20% at most). “Health” Displayed graphically as an armor image. “Power” as battery. Modding important.

JOE: SWTOR Style customization, Guild Wars 2 style look. One stat for health and power, 20% variance in classes / gear level. Designed for multiple gear sets (burst vs sustained, etc.). Modding important.


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This week’s end music is the Main Theme from City of Heroes (vanilla).

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