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Episode 9: Something’s Fishy…

Fishing in LOTRO from LOTROStylist.wordpress.com
Fishing in LOTRO, from LOTROStylist.wordpress.com


This week we discuss some scandals that have rocked the MMO world, fishing, and how we would design our economies! Welcome to Casual Core Radio, where we talk about MMOs and and we are very concerned with fishing and scandals in the MMO space.

MMO News


New Quarry threatens aquatic life


If I Were a Dev

How would you design your economy?

JOE: Around a fishing-based skillset, with heavy emphasis on fines for overfishing and destruction of protected waterways.

DREW: I would go for more of a Hayek-based economy, because I think the Austrian school really knows their stuff. The laissez-faire approach to a fishing economy can work well, despite the overfishing, because the consumer should be more ethical.


Don’t forget about the bloopers! And a very happy April Fools to everyone…

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This week’s end music is Open Sea Music by Jeff Kurtenacker fromĀ Pirates of the Burning Sea. The bloopers music is Cute and Crafty (Wigwalli Villiage Theme) from Wildstar.