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Episode 4: Teo and Sunshine


This week we talk about MMO side-scrollers, Crowfall, and Massively’s resurrection. Welcome to Casual Core Radio, where we talk about MMOs and we have best-in-slot gear for RP!


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If I Were a Dev

What kind of stats would you have?


  • One main stat for each class. Crit, Crit multiplier, Three mitigation stats – Blocking, Absorbing, Dodging, Uplift (aka Power or Mastery), Haste, plus several hidden stats to track gear score, combinations of stats, etc. for back-end analytics. NO hit. NO PvP-specific stat. (All gear levels will available in PvP and PvE – the best of the best gets the best)


  • Main stat for each class or ONE master stat…
    • No accuracy
    • No avoidance
    • Mitigation is okay
    • PvP stat that interacts with a bolster mechanic in Battlegrounds
    • Crit and crit multiplier
    • Haste


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This week’s end music is Wildstar Theme – Metal Cover by DivinumX. Check out his awesome work here: http://divinumx.bandcamp.com/album/wildstar-theme-metal-cover